The Hand Clam


           A tiny treasure is placed in the palm of ones hand.          The hands are slowly opened to reveal the hidden
               Both hands are then cupped and one is placed on           treasure/surprise. In this case, 2 M&M's and a
               top of the other.                                                         diamond ring.

Although there is no proof of its exact origin, the Hand Clam is believed to hold its roots in 18th century France. As the story goes, King Louis XIV, commonly referred to as the Sun King, was walking down the Hall of Mirrors in his Palace of Versailles one afternoon when a court jester came running towards him shouting the phrase, "Main de palourde, main de palourde." The jester knelt down in front of the King. His hands were cupped with one on top of the other and he raised them in the air. As he slowly opened them a shard of light shot out and bounced off the mirrors illuminating the entire hall. The King, impressed with the presentation so far, reached out and took the object from the jester's hands only to cut himself on a piece of broken glass. Apparently, a stained glass window in the palace had been broken the night before and the jester held the foot of St. Francis in his hands. The jester was beheaded shortly after dinner that night and the King outlawed the "main de palourde" or "Hand Clam," even though he did enjoy it. Some even say the King practiced the technique in his quarters late at night. But the Hand Clam disappeared in public for many years.

Enter modern hands.

The Hand Clam is indeed making a comeback in today's society as people yearn for the simple pleasure that it can hold. It has been seen on the outskirts of major cities and even in some high profile offices.

Hank Terdeski of Private Stock Inc. says, "I thought I invented the Hand Clam while giving a coworker a paper clip. I get so bored sitting in my cubicle all day and thought I'd liven up the day a little. After doing some research, I was surprised to discover it's rich history. All I can say is that I am proud to be part of the movement to bring the Hand Clam back from the dead."

"Being on the receiving end of the Hand Clam can be a utter delight," says Mary Scheller of Patty's Pastries in Hamburg, MO. "Our local dog walker here in town surprises us everyday with the Hand Clam, granted we don't necessarily want to see what our dogs do at the park, but he always keeps us guessing."

For anyone who hasn't heard of or seen the Hand Clam in action, the pictures above should provide all the information you need. So next time you want to add a little something extra in your otherwise useless existence, try the Hand Clam.
The Hand Clam holds endless possibilites, as long as they can fit inside your hand.


  1. Why this is something connect to MY Chemical Romance ?
    Doesn't make any sense

    1. I have a feeling I know why--call it intuition--but I won't start rumors. But if I'm right...

  2. Lots of...strange and indiscriminate information on your blog, dude. Looking forward to more. :)

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