The severe exploits of Mandog Mandart. Part 56.

Mandog held the body of Mother Ape tightly, weaving in and out of the crowds that had gathered for her funeral. Flower petals suffocated the ground leading up to the River Ganges. The soft hum of an Indian death song filled the air, drowning out the cries.

Mandog's feet reached the riverbank. He raised the body up with all the strength he had left in him and with a sorrowing scream, closed his eyes and let Mother Ape's corpse fall.

He waited for the splash.

It never came.

His eyes opened to see the body of Mother Ape levitating over the river. There was a blinding light underneath her holding her in its arms and starting to rise. Her body was floating on a bed of light towards the sky. Higher and higher it went until she disappeared into the clouds.

Just as Mandog turned to start his journey back, he noticed a firefly struggling to keep itself in the air, flickering on and off. He reached out his arm and the insect landed on his shoulder...and his shoulder is where it would remain.

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